J. Thomas Rompel


I understand the threats and dangers of a porous border enabled by the cesspool of corruption in Washington, D.C.

Tom Rompel is action-oriented.  He writes about citizens who do what is needed to combat terrorism.  He will listen to and talk with your audience about why the U.S. must be on the Conservative track for the safety and future of our country.

Rompel comes to his conservative values the old-fashioned way – he worked for them.   Born and raised in the Chicago area, he moved to Tucson at the beginning of his sophomore year in high school.  He owned and operated a number of successful companies since the mid 70’s. Along with his other businesses in the mid 80’s Tom launched a business coaching practice working with the owners of small and medium size companies.

After 9/11, Tom was involved in a business that dealt with the U.S. military and law enforcement both at the local and federal levels which included Border Patrol agents in the Tucson Sector.  As a direct result of this regular contact with different law enforcement agencies over time, he observed a growing trend in the United States – the federal government failing in their duty to protect citizens against enemies both foreign and domestic.

As a speaker, Rompel inspires the desire to make a personal difference in the way the U.S. is run.  He encourages action, participation in local and national efforts, and leadership. His presentations are lively, informative and guaranteed to be thought provoking. 

Speaking Topics    

    ISIS and the Mexican Cartel Connection.
    How a porous border hurts you; what you can do about it
    Are you watching things happen or making things happen?
    Washington D.C.: Cesspool of corruption
    How I went from working every day to writing every day

To arrange for Tom Rompel to address your organization, please call Ann Boland, 520-247-0070.

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"If you're patriotic & you love your country, you'll love this book.”  Marcy

Rompel’s book, Citizen Warrior - The 4th Branch (2016), is an Amazon Best Seller.  Set on the Arizona border, in Dearborn, MI and Chicago, this thriller follows a concerned U.S. citizen who befriends a retired Delta Force colonel. Together they move to quash an ISIS-type attack at a Tucson shopping mall.  The attack takes place on the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year.  Bonded by this experience, they train together and end up taking on larger foes – a dangerous combination of Mexican cartel and Islamic extremists who are set on exploding a dirty bomb.

“…one of the most spellbinding books I have read in a very long time. You feel the gripping fear, the rush of adrenaline and the chest bursting pride throughout the entire book.” 
Amazon review

The appealing theme of Citizen Warriors – The 4th Branch is that the protagonists are civilians who see a need to rise up and take matters into their own hands – and do it. 

“I loved the book and couldn't put it down. An action thriller about what is currently going on in our country. Citizens of America need to make this a must read as it will put a chill down your spine!”  Amazon review

Rompel is currently working on the second book of the series, Citizen Warrior – The List, due out in 2017.