Questions and suggestions for website development.

Please read this list of questions through, then come back and complete the answers.  Please note the section about photos that follows the "submit" button at the end of the form.  Thanks, AB

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From this list, please select which objectives are important to you. We will rank these when we talk.


Pictures tell your story.  We want to gather as many relevant photos as possible to illustrate your site.  Think in terms of:

  • Your headshot that will be used in publicity.  Don't have one?  Please arrange to have one made, you won't regret it.
  • Other, good headshots - we can often crop these out of photos if the resolution is high.
  • Book covers, front and back
  • Photos of you speaking, teaching, writing, goofing off - photos that share "you" with the site visitor. 
  • Photos of things/people that are meaningful to you.  If you look at my website, note that I illustrated each page with a photo taken by me of things from Tucson.  It provides a subtle theme.  At Richard Collins's site, we used his extensive collections of photos to propel visitors through the site.