Hustling up the Hancock - Feb 24, 2013

Most years, members of my family join me to Hustle up the Hancock.  Yup, it’s the Hancock building, all 94 stories and 1638 stairs, just six blocks south of our Chicago condo.  It’s a mass of 4,000 climbers, well managed by the Respiratory Association of Chicago.  Pros take off first and the winner this year made the climb in 9min 23sec. 

Our family climbers and their results:

John Morris, age 10 – 15:47

Kate Morris, age 13 – 19:00

Ann Boland, age 69 – 47:56

Tracy Boland, Maggie Johnson, Megan Morris – various ages – 1:16:00

From left: Tracy, Deb, Ann, Maggie, Mary K, Bob, John, Megan, Kate

From left: Tracy, Deb, Ann, Maggie, Mary K, Bob, John, Megan, Kate

This was Maggie’s first year and she completed the climb with encouragement and coaching from her two older sisters, who accompanied her every step of the way.

Our Sherpas this year were:  Deb Quentel, Tracy’s partner, Mary K Boland, mother and grandmother to most and Bob Morris, father of John and Kate and husband of Megan.  We love our Sherpas who elevator large bags of climber coats and dry clothes to the 94th floor and wait for us to ascend. 

Best part of the climb is our rendezvous at Mike Ditka’s restaurant directly across Michigan Avenue from the Hancock.  The reward of a “Bloody Mike” keeps me going those last 20 stories. 

The Bloody Mike complete with beer chaser
 - Picture of Mike Ditka's Restaurant, Chicago
This photo of Mike Ditka's Restaurant is courtesy of TripAdvisor

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