The $500 Cup of Coffee: A Lifestyle Approach to Financial Independence by Steven Lome and David Kramer

I loved this little ebook.  Written by a man I met at BEA, Steve Lome.  I offered to talk with him about PR - so I had to read the book to be of any help - and loved it.  It is well researched, well-written and well-organized.  It reminds me of the self-help financial books the Wall Street Journal published, but this one is fun to read.

OK, so there was lots of information in this book that I already know - and am too old to put into practice.  I'll be long dead before saving $100 a month with compound interest from wise investments is going to help fund my retirement.  I did learn about robo-investing and will look into that. But for Millennials, for high school and college grads, for folks leaving the military - this book is a financial bible.  And, it does not tell you "what to do".  It explains all of the financial options so you can make wise decisions.  It is no "get rich quick" lecture.  It is more the tortoise than the hare, but it contains the keys to financial security - at least in the world as we know it today.