Ooop, we did it again - back at the Kit Kat Klub


Our new favorite Tucson theater group, Winding Road, mounted Cabaret - with 12 performers, 6 in the orchestra, on a 30 by 15 foot stage in a theater that seats 100.  They did a great job.  The only props on the stage were two chairs, a typewriter table and a typewriter.  There wasn't room for anything else, and the chairs had to disappear during most of the musical numbers.  This summer we saw The Chicago Light Opera Works do a bang up job of Cabaret in a medium sized theater with a splendid cast.  But intimate theater is it's own reward - no mikes, no place to hide.  As we felt with the Chicago production, the performers who carried the show were Fraulein Schneider, Susan Arnold and Herr Schultz, David Johnson.  Not only are they superb actors, but their voices blended magically.  The ensemble showed the only weaknesses, as two of the females just weren't slutty enough.  The Kit Kat girls are decadent - that's where most of the fun comes from in the production.  Christopher Johnson as the Master of Ceremonies was strong throughout and gave a seminal role his own interpretation.  Please see this show if you are in Tucson.